What Should Women Wear to a Job Interview

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If you are a nervous wreck (read fresh graduate) and preparing to finally step into the corporate world then the pre-interview jitters are going to be legit. It is of absolute necessity to align your outfit along with the office environment you’re fervently hoping to become a part of.
Your C.V landed you the interview call and your choice of outfit is going to get you the job. So beware before you shimmy into a glittery or too loud of an outfit.
To help you choose the right kind of attire, we’ve sorted out basics for you.

Formal Ensemble

While prepping for a conservative environment pair a dark, two-piece suit, preferably in the colors: gray, navy or black. A light colored blouse can complement otherwise a cotton shirt will go well for the complete look.

Casual Wear

At times companies are known to practice casual attires. Here, you need to make sure to pull-off such without appearing to be unkempt. So, a dressy blouse paired with slacks is your best bet. A tailored skirt and blouse is another outfit you can easily get down

Dos and Don’ts

• Always carry a blazer as to appear more cultured and professional.
• Too much makeup is literally a turn-off. Keep it nice and light.
• You don’t want to enter trotting like inappropriately. Avoid high heels completely.
• Carry professional notebooks.
• Remember, neatly manicured nails are just not hygienic but highly professional.

Last but not the least, chin-up! You got this. Good luck!

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