SQA Jobs in Lahore – A Good Career Choice

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SQA Pakistan SQA Pakistan

Whether you are fresh graduate or experience Software Quality Assurance Engineer.

SQA can be a great career choice.

Here are the Reasons to get into Software Quality Assurance in Pakistan

From the smart phone you use to the microwave you warm your food in, almost every product you use in your daily life has gone through rigorous stages of quality assurance to ensure they work the way they are intended to be used. Quality assurance managers – the people who inspect the products for quality and implement procedures to ensure high quality – are highly trained professionals in their respective domains.

Just like any other quality assurance officer, a software quality assurance engineer is someone who ensures the end product is of high quality and conforms to the highest standards of the industry by monitoring every phase of software development process. They are involved in tasks related to almost every stage of software development such as software design, writing source code, control of source code, reviewing code, configuration management, change management, program testing, integration of software, and release management process.

Software quality assurance engineers are in high demand all over the world and that is true for Pakistan as well. Looking to start a career in SQA you can find great SQA Jobs in Lahore if you have good grades. Pakistan has emerged as one of the leading software development countries in the world with the number of software houses and professionals increasing tremendously every year. The quality of software and apps being created here has reached sky heights owing to the tough quality assurance checks incorporated at every step of the software development process.

Besides the cookie-cutter quality assurance software available at everyone’s disposal and their limited resourcefulness, having a professionally trained software quality assurance engineer ensures high quality end product that is impossible to achieve otherwise. Demand of such individuals is higher than ever. The perks associated with it also make it a shining IT career in Pakistan:

  • Quality assurance engineers are an important part of any software house and development team. At the end of the day they are responsible for the delivery of high quality products.
  • Most software development houses work from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday and take the weekends off and since quality assurance engineers are meant to work in collaboration with other departments of the house, they work the same hours and take the weekends off which leaves them plenty of time to relax before hitting the office on Monday.
  • Being a software engineer is a respectable job in Pakistan and working as a quality assurance officer at a software house let you thrive in your position. Since you get to work with a lot of people in the office, your opportunities to grow in this career increase by many folds.
  • Software quality assurance is a huge responsibility for anyone. A lot of software development companies in Pakistan understand this and reward their QA engineers by paying them a handsome salary and yearly bonuses. If you are starting out and have a rather good grasp of the work you are required to do, there are high chances you will be offered anything near 30,000 – 80,000PKR. With bonuses and other company benefits such as stocks, that number can quickly rise.

To find software quality assurance engineer job in Pakistan make sure you have a great Resume. If your CV is not professional make sure to get it done from Professional Resume writers in Lahore whether you want to start career in software development or any related field these professional can help. The rest comes with deep study and understanding of software coding, critical analysis and rigorous training.





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