A Step by Step Guide for Registering a Software House in Pakistan

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Are you looking to start software company in Pakistan?

Are you a software engineer, investor or business person.

Are you passionate, you love creating software, you are obsessed with everything that involves coding.


Software development is one of the fastest growing industry in Pakistan. It’s awesome that Pakistan is producing number of IT specialists, software engineers and software developers every years.

Many Pakistani students who are settle abroad or studying abroad show keen interest in starting software houses in Pakistan. Not only those Pakistani who live in Dubai, Abu Dhahi, United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom have great interest in starting software house in Pakistan. But Also the Pakistani software engineers who are doing job from sometime now  are looking to start software house.

Therefore we decided to set the right material for someone who should be leading the way of a software house in the market.

Once you step into the real world.

The passion turns into the endless hours of struggle, you need to have money!

If you don’t have proper investment the obsession with something you loved morphs into frustration when you fail to get the desired results.

Therefore it is recommended to have proper investment before you step into starting software house in Pakistan.

Imagining your own software house while sitting in a classroom sounds very attractive and the mere idea of working for yourself and being a boss is extremely pleasing. In a real world it involve investment to start software house.

How to find software house space in Pakistan?

Once you think you have enough budget to keep things running, The first thing you need to do is to find a space/office on rent or If you own a space you are step ahead from those who does not have one. The major software houses in Pakistan are located in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad therefore it’s recommended to find office in these cities. You can find talent software engineers in major Pakistani cities.

If you settled abroad and are looking for a software house office space in Lahore at affordable rent or to buy one you can contact us to find you one.

Now, once you are done with finding office space you defiantly need to invest on resources. You need computer systems, electricity, internet connection, human resources, office chairs, tables, ACs, UPS, Generator and of-course laptops.

The small software house setup cost range from RS. 100,000 to RS. 500,000 in Pakistan whereas middle and large go from RS. 500,000 to RS. 20,00000 or even higher.

How to register a software house in Pakistan?

Now once you are done with office setup the next thing you will need to do is to register a software house in Pakistan.

You can register your software house as sole proprietor or as private limited company. Registering sole proprietor does is pretty straight forward and does not involve high registration fee but there are drawbacks of registering a sole proprietor company because this cannot be transfer and you cannot give share of your company to anyone. And sole proprietor business is alive until you are alive. It cannot be transfer to your children or anyone. This is the major drawback of sole proprietor software house.

On other hand if you are looking for a proper software house registering a private limited company is the way to go. Most of the leading software house registered in Pakistan and Private limited.

Also, Government of Pakistan has lucrative offer for software export in Pakistan all software export is tax free for 3 years. You don’t need to pay any taxes on software export. Though the employees you hire will pay income tax as happen with any Pakistani company.

You defiantly need to have office space before you register a software houses in Pakistan because you need to attach property documents or rent agreement with application.

We help register software houses in Pakistan whether sole proprietor or private limited.

Once you are all set, Now you have office space and register software house in Pakistan. The next thing is find clients. Mostly people start software house when they already have contracts with 2,3 clients as paying customers.

How Software Houses Operate in Pakistan?

There are basically two ways software houses operate in Pakistan. To go about this situation and only one factor that actually decide your fate.

You may either start with doing other people’s projects or start working on your own software idea.

A project is a customer specific product that you are hired to work on. The client hires you to work on a certain software development project; they direct you the whole time and pay you once the project is completed. Depending on the nature of the project and the client’s demands, you may be required to sign a NDA (non disclosure agreement) document as well. If you settle abroad you can find clients from that countries like United States, Canada, Dubai, Australia, Singapore who outsource project to cut down expensive labor cost.

Similarly, you may also choose not to work for anyone else and develop your own product idea. You will need to consider a lot of factors before hand, the major one being the capital.

Do you have enough money to spend into a business and business idea without expecting any return for a few years and still have enough as your backup?

Can you sustain a lifestyle that way?

Let’s say you have got enough money to set up a decent business without having to withdraw a single penny from it and maintaining your life through other income sources. This is the right path for you.

Here are a few questions you must ask yourself before going the innovation route:

  • What should you innovate?
  • Is there a demand in the local market for your product?
  • Will it be more suitable to consumers living abroad?
  • Should you redevelop an idea which you think could do better with your solution?
  • Or should you spend on a completely different idea?
  • Is your local market educated enough to understand your product?
  • Are the people already using a software that you think could be improved a lot more?
  • Can you provide a more user-friendly and precise solution to their problems?
  • Is your idea ground-breaking and has the potential to change the business world forever?

After doing the extensive research and the required R & D, it’s time to put the results together and work your way towards implementation.

Here you will consider two most important things associated with the product that will decide whether you can execute it or not.

Scope of the product and its cost.

Remember, the simpler you keep your product the less money you will spend on it and will be able to focus better on the very few and core features you offer. You need to decide your product’s scope. Depending on your market, niche and customer type, you may narrow down the scope to some specific functions and solutions. The precise the better.

How to find clients after starting software house in Pakistan?

And finally when you are done with the product, or decided to offering software development services to clients. You will need marketing resources.  First of all you need to develop a website for your software house or product. SEOLHR offer website development service to software houses located anywhere in the world. We can develop you professional custom, amazing looking website at affordable cost. We develop websites for clients all over the world.

Next, If you haven’t heard about search engine optimization you are living in dark ages. Search engine optimization is the process of ranking website from the targeted keywords in search engine like if you are offering software development service in Dubai, You will want your website to rank from keywords like “software development company Dubai” and “software development service Dubai” and more keywords targeted to U.A.E market.

Note: Search engine optimization is toughest job in the market and even the best of best struggle with SEO most of the time. SEOLHR is the leading SEO Company in Asia. We offer search engine optimization service to software houses located anywhere in the world. If you looking for a professional and leading SEO company in Asia to optimize your website you can contact our specialists.

SEO plays an important role to bring business on table and it’s the backbone of leading software houses in Pakistan or anywhere in the world. If you are looking for find clients you need to spend in search engine optimization.

Content Marketing: Other than SEO content marketing also plat important role to bring business on table. For content marketing you can hire Professional content writing service at monthly set budget. They regularly write content on your blog so website can reach maximum eyeballs though content.

Content marketing is rated in high regards to find clients for software development companies.

Once you have calculated everything, you will understand if you can put in the money required to start your software house in Pakistan.

If you are living abroad, have sufficient budget and looking to start you software house in Pakistan. We can take care of every single stuff to make your software house successful!

Good Luck with your venture.

Note: This is the guest post written by SEOLHR The opinions expressed by guest bloggers at the blog are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the our opinions.





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