LUMS overrated university in Pakistan?

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Anyone who has not studied in the institute has definitely heard something about LUMS that made us think twice before applying to the institute but a lot of which is actually inaccurate, baseless and some downright stereotypical. Although someone who has studied in LUMS is better suited to express their opinion on something related to their institute but I, being an outsider, have heard some things that might be true but mostly seem like an exaggeration by people who only get to hear stories from other misinformed people without having any personal experience with the institute.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about LUMS?

Pakistan’s most expensive and sought-after institute that only allows filthy rich through their doors and that breeds high-class, narcissist brats who know nothing except to show off? Well, you might have got it all wrong if that’s what comes to your mind upon hearing the word LUMS.

Here are the most common misconceptions among people who have never studied in LUMS about people who have studied in LUMS.

  1. LUMS is full of impropriety

Okay so yes it’s true that we sort of tend to build our opinions and pass judgements regarding everything based on what we see online and rarely care to think about the situation otherwise. Same goes for LUMS and probably any other institute that happens to gain some notorious vibe online. Well guess what, a few photos of boys and girls seen in close proximity of each other does not define an entire institute and so is the case with LUMS.

  1. LUMS Only Admits Super Rich Kids

Anyone who says this has probably failed to pass LUMS’ entrance examination. LUMS require every student applying for a seat go through their internal entrance examination which is based on the lines of internationally acclaimed GRE or pass the GRE itself. Same goes for the students who want to enter the school at 4 years graduation level; they are required to clear the entrance examination. Now you don’t have to be rich to study and earn good score to pass in an examination, do you? While it is true that the elite can afford to pay 100% fee at LUMS (which is skyrocketing like it’s everywhere else these days), LUMS does offer scholarships to deserving students which allows students from all strata of society to try their luck at the institute.

  1. Everyone Graduating from LUMS ends up super successful automatically

That actually sounds logically absurd. We all know what it takes to become successful at anything no matter which school you graduate from. Yes being from a certain school instils certain traits in you such as confidence, high grades and amazing academic record but that is not exclusive to LUMS students only. LUMS graduates are not a magnet to jobs; yes the student goes through exams probably tougher than some other institute, yes he has built a sense of confidence after spending years there but if the job market is tough it will be tough for that LUMS guy as well. The harder you work and study the better chance of you landing a great job. And you always have to start from zero. So no, not every LUMS student is eating up your job.

There you have it, the most common misconceptions among the general public about LUMS.






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