Front-End Design Developer

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Fast growing e-commerce and real estate platform is ready to have its exceptional “Front-End Design Developer”, someone who can quickly turn a PSD into real HTML, CSS, and Presentational JS.
Do you love working with web technologies? Are you passionate about websites being responsive to all of the various devices we use on a daily basis? A good candidate should be proficient in most responsibilities listed below and must be willing to learn the remaining items.

Qualification & Experience
• 5+ years of software engineering experience
• 3+ years of front end engineering experience
• Proficient with web technologies (SCSS, CSS Grid, Flexbox, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX)
• Proficient in at least one front-end framework, such as Angular, Material, React, Bootstrap, etc
• Developing, testing and debugging pixel perfect layouts

• 24 days off a year
• Job security
• Great co-workers, including artists

This position works collaboratively with the Lead Developer. You’ll bring leadership to the interactive design team regarding front-end functionality and new technologies.

This is a remote work position for 3 months and you must be willing to relocate after the remote probation period, if you are interested please apply with your resume and examples of your work. We look forward to hearing from you soon.



Job & Company Detail

Company Industry

Company Size

1 - 9 Employees


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