Is it Worth Outsourcing to Pakistan?

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outsoure pakistan outsoure pakistan

Outsourcing and offshore development is not a really old term in the industry but has become really common really fast. Whether you are a start-up who doesn’t have a huge budget, an individual who wishes to turn their idea into reality or even if you are a Fortune 500 company, all of you can benefit from outsourcing your projects. But where should you outsource?

The first countries to jump onto the bandwagon of offering outsourcing services to clients abroad were India, Russia, China, Argentina and Philippines. However, outsourcing to these countries has become a lot more expensive than it previously was leaving a huge chunk of clients who cannot afford their services and are looking for efficient yet affordable outsourcing services. This is where Pakistan comes in.

In the past few years Pakistan has progressed a lot in the IT industry which is owed to all the talented professionals in this industry. With so many start-ups gaining traction globally and the creation of funding programmes by the Pakistani government for emerging start-ups to help them create a difference not just in Pakistan but on a global level, has really pushed Pakistan into being a favorable environment for companies to outsource their projects.

Besides the encouraging emphasis by Pakistani government and their special interest in education, different other steps like tax break, subsidized rules and priority for information technology sector has created a very positive atmosphere for software houses, individual professionals and even freelancing web designers and developers to create products locally as well as in collaboration with companies and professionals abroad.



Since Pakistan is one of those few countries where highly talented workforce is available at low costs and now with the governmental perks and special tax exemptions, companies from outside Pakistan have started showing interest in outsourcing their projects here.

And why not? Here are a few more facts and reasons:

  • Local entrepreneurs are not only scaling their companies on international level but they are also creating platforms for young entrepreneurs.
  • Pakistani government and companies are continuously investing in new hardware upgrades to make services better.
  • The cost of software development and website development in Pakistan is quite reasonable as compared to US.
  • According to PSEB – Pakistan Software Export Board’s analytical report, Pakistan’s IT industry comprises of 2.8 billion USD of the total global IT share.
  • Pakistan is home to 11 government operated Software Technology Parks excluding countless private companies.

Anyone looking into outsourcing their software or web development project to Pakistan can either hire any local software development company to do their job or they can set up their own office here with their own team. Although hiring a local company and their talent costs less but setting up your own office here will cost 50% less than it will cost in the US! So why not outsource to Pakistan?





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