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The Importance of a Well Written Professional Resume

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Sure we should not draw conclusions about one’s personality based on their first impression on us but first impressions matter a lot when you are the boss and the person sitting in front of you is a potential employee. They have that one chance to capture their employer’s attention and prove themselves and what better…

Top Software Houses in Lahore ( Updated 2018 )

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Top Software Houses in Lahore So you have trained yourself thoroughly to become a software engineer and now are looking for a job at good software house but not aware of the good software houses. So today we are going to write about best software houses in Lahore. If you have good grades make sure…

SQA Jobs in Lahore – A Good Career Choice

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Whether you are fresh graduate or experience Software Quality Assurance Engineer. SQA can be a great career choice. Here are the Reasons to get into Software Quality Assurance in Pakistan From the smart phone you use to the microwave you warm your food in, almost every product you use in your daily life has gone…

LUMS overrated university in Pakistan?

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Anyone who has not studied in the institute has definitely heard something about LUMS that made us think twice before applying to the institute but a lot of which is actually inaccurate, baseless and some downright stereotypical. Although someone who has studied in LUMS is better suited to express their opinion on something related to…

Professional Resume in Pakistan – Why it is so important?

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You have your eyes set on that organization you really wish to work for some day; the day arrives when you get the chance to make your move. Before you even step your foot into their office it’s your CV that sets the groundwork for you. The statistics tell us that on average an employer…

Problems A Desi Working Woman Can Relate To!

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Living in a male-dominant society was never a problem for Pakistani women until recently the rebellious-badtameez generation took their rights of feminism to another level and claimed the corporate throne.           For a minute let’s just cut through the crème brulee and take regular sabzi into account. Women in Pakistan are…

How do i get a job in Karachi?

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Karachi, the city of lights, is the economic hub of our country. Over the past years many people have come here from different parts of the country in search for jobs. The competition has grown tougher. The higher the payroll of the job you apply for the tougher the competition gets. Rarely do people get…

Using Career Success Stories in Interviews

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When one goes for a job interview, that person is hired on the basis of his capability and experience. The business seeks someone who will solve its problems. What the interviewer wants to know are the abilities and skills of the interviewee. One just does not get to show the skills in an interview. A…

Why Should We Hire You? Responding to the Job Interview

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To be honest the crux of the whole hiring thing is this question.The interviewer will one way or another try to baffle you with either, ‘why should we hire you’ or ‘what makes you different from other candidates?’ The whole interview scenario revolves around gathering information in regards to the following questions: Why are you…